Wallspirit.com Website Review & Ratings + Wall Spirit Coupons
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Wallspirit.com Website Review & Ratings + Wall Spirit Coupons

Wall Spirit is a company that offers inspirational ideas for decorating your home. The company sells a wide range of wall tattoos designed by their team in the United States and Europe.

These decals can be used to transform any space. They adhere to the surface of the wall and have a silky matt surface. Their wall tattoos can be placed on surfaces that are mage of glass, vinyl, and even wood.

They have exotic wall tattoos in Asian styles. The tattoos cover a range of concepts. Some are based on travel to countries, such as Dubai, Miami and India. These can be placed as backgrounds in the living room, right behind a sofa or television. Their sports and hobby collection can also be used in the living room.

Wall Spirit tattoos from the food, music, children and categories can beautify rooms in other areas of your home. The decals are made in different sizes, to suit different surfaces.

Wall Spirit: What makes it different?

Wall Spirit draws on a talented team to make their wall designs. Their artists are based in both the United States and Europe. This fusion of talents helps to make their designs truly different from the rest.

They specialize in Asian style tattoos. Persons who are fans of kanji, dragons and other elements associated with Asia will find inspiring and unique pieces. Persons familiar with the style of watercolor painting used in Japan and China will find that their decals are reminiscent of that.

Wall Spirit tattoos are specially made by hand. All their wall designs are manufactured individually and are not stored as bulk goods. They use fine quality vinyl and environmentally friendly materials.

Their tattoos do not leave any marks or blemishes when they are removed from a surface. This is good for homeowners who worry about the damage these types of decorations may cause. It is also good for people who may be renting and want to decorate their space, but are concerned about damaging the property and paying extra fees later on.

Wall Spirit vs. primary competitors (sites similar to Wall Spirit)

One of Wall Spirit’s main competitors is WallTat.com. Wall Tat sells which can be used to transform your interiors. One of their taglines is ‘art without boundaries’ and they certainly live up to that claim. Their tattoos are creative and done in a number of different styles to suit different personalities. Wall Spirit’s tattoos tend to be more limited in terms of the style of artwork that is used in each category of wall tattoos that they offer.

Wall Tat’s tattoos are easy to remove, which means that customers can easily change the look of a room when they are tired of it. They are also easy to apply, yet give a mural-like finish.

Wall Tat also has a range of ideas that can be used in different types of buildings. Wall Spirit tends to focus on the home, whereas Wall Tat has tattoos for residential structures, commercial buildings and many other types of space.

WhatisBlik.com is another of Wall Spirit’s main competitors. Their tagline is ‘wall graphics for the commitment phobic’. WhatisBlik.com has been in business for a number of years. In addition to wall tattoos, they offer pattern wall tiles. Their designs are fun and imaginative and many kids are sure to like their Muppet line.

Parents will like the discounts available on WhatisBlik.com. They can get as much as 20% off their purchase using their coupon codes. Their prices aren’t bad. Customers can get a 24” by 24” pattern tile for $45. Wall Spirit gives discounts as well. You can save as much as 67% off Wall Spirit decals on some days.

WhatisBlik.com also offers fabric tiles. These are eco-friendly and non-toxic. Their fabric tiles are also free of phthalates, which have been known to have adverse effects on young children. Wall Spirit does not currently offer fabric tiles.

Wall Spirit: Pricing & packages

A Leaf Elements wall tattoo by Wall Spirit costs $23.95, while a Classic wall tattoo costs $15.95. Tattoos are available in designs depicting calm waves, coffee, clouds, dragons and other fun and meaningful ornamental symbols. You can use their free color matching tool to make sure you choose the right color for your room.

They have a range of designs for the bathroom. Their seafaring set will take you away to another place while the home spa, bubbles and wellness tattoos will help to relax you. These vary in price from $24.95 to $29.95.

There is no average size for a decal that costs $29.95. Some are 16” by 12” while others are 23” by 12”. Wall Tat decals measuring 34” by 40” cost about $69. WhatisBlik.com decals measuring 28’ by 48” cost about $45.

Wall Spirit: Product images & screenshots
Wall Spirit Coupons
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Wall Spirit: Customer reviews & comments

Customers who have used their products say that it is easy to change the appearance of any room in the home using their products. People who want to give a more modern and artistic look to their house have been able to do so easily. People who purchase their products are pleased with the quality of their decals.

Wall Spirit delivers items to customers fairly quickly. Customers report that their purchases are attractively packaged. In fact, they sometimes send them as gifts.

“These decals are incredible. They transform a room with very little effort.”

C. Caylor

“I love my decal. I decorated my whole kitchen around this beautiful red decal. It makes my home very artsy and modern-looking. Thank you Wall Spirit.”

Y. Mancini

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